Adventure Audio Glacial Zenith II (Overdrive/Boost)

  • New Condition
  • Serial #: 048


Fresh from the genius minds over at Adventure Audio, here we have the new take on their flagship overdrive, welcome the Glacial Zenith II. Take everything you love about your current overdrive pedal, and imagine it better, a lot better. This pedal has the full spectrum of overdrive tones, from mild transparent drive, to nearly fuzzy devastation, all in a very user friendly interface. Equipped with 3 band EQ, volume, and drive, you'll soon replace the pedals you lusted over for months. "What if I use my overdrive as a boost?" - Well Henry, thats where this pedal truly shines. Equipped with a secondary boost circuit, you can do a simple boost job if thats all you need, or flip the cascade switch and boost your drive. Drive your boost, boost your drive, the world is your oyster. You gotta hear this pedal, it rules. We love it.


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