Kustom Quad Jr 100 HD w/ 10" Monitors

  • Very Good + Condition
  • Year: circa 2009


Here we go folks. This is THE high quality AND budget set up for bands of any style looking to gig right now! 100 watt Celestion cabinet with 4 12" speakers. This is a very clean set up, one owner and barely used. Unlike most 100-watt, solid-state amp stacks, the new QUAD JR. does not need a second speaker cabinet to deliver its full power potential. Tonally, its circuit has been modified to provide increased gain and tight low-end response. The result is a half-stack that excels at heavy music but still has the versatility to deliver warm clean sounds and crunchy, medium-gain tones as well. The Quad 100 HD guitar amplifier head works perfectly and has reverb, spring reverb, delay, slapback, chorus, chorus reverb, flange reverb, and tremolo. There are a few nicks in the tolex here and there, but it is in overall good condition.

And did we mention the 10" monitor speakers! These two pups alone are worth about $130, but we want to sell this unit as a whole to a performing musician. The Kustom KPC10M 10" Monitor Speaker Cabinet has a specially voiced crossover to ensure clear separation of frequencies for crisp, full-range reproduction. A 10" woofer delivers punchy low frequencies, while a 2" x 6" horn produces bright high-end tones. This Kustom monitor cabinet features 2 parallel input jacks, sturdy construction with reinforced corners and heavy-duty Tolex covering. Flexible 30/60/90° positioning.

All of these together under one price! Come by and steal from under us before someone else does!


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